A tipping trolley

A tipping trolley for a 50 litre vessel


Customised Sheet Metal was approached by a client who had an issue with draining their large vessels fully.

The liquid in the vessels was a highly expensive fluid and it’s used in a bacteria detection test kit solution. It was of paramount importance to the client that the liquid be drained away effectively and efficiently.


The challenge that Aajogo faced was to design and manufacture a trolley to ensure that all the liquid could be drained easily from the vessel via the drain tap.

The team had to discover a solution for the best way to facilitate both quick and effective draining. It was also a requirement that the product left no fluid wastage as well as being able to fill and move the vessel to the right location easily, without having to manually handle the weight.

In summary, the main specifications and challenges of this project was to design a trolley that would:

  • Ensure all liquid was drained
  • Allow for quick draining
  • Leave no fluid wastage
  • Ability to manoeuvre without having to decant the fluid

The design and manufacture teams worked together to create a tipping trolley to solve the client’s issue.

It works to meet all three of the client’s requirements by sitting underneath the vessel and enables the vessel to be easily tipped, allowing all the fluid to be drained.

The team also inserted vents into the lids to facilitate faster the draining of the vessel which further helps solve the client’s problem.


The tipping trolley Aajogo created allows the customer to drain all the fluid from the vessel both effectively and quickly due to the insertion of the vents.

The client was thrilled with the solution that Aajogo developed. So much so that they requested for the company to modify other products they use to help them become more efficient in other aspects of their work.

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