Our values and culture

Our core values are the foundations on which our company is built, and are what the whole Customised Sheet Metal team is aligned to.

We create an environment which is hardworking but also rewarding. Our entire team possesses the ability and technical excellence to achieve. Every day we foster an enthusiastic environment where exciting designs are brought to life.

We pride ourselves on the fact that all of our metal fabrication projects are bespoke and hand-crafted specifically for our client’s needs.

You can trust that every product is made using the finest skill and the greatest care.

Our ultimate goal is to produce quality products and services, on time and on budget, that will bring you pleasure and total satisfaction.

These are our core values that help us do this:


We are honest every step of the way when it comes to creating your product. We will work collaboratively with you to ensure that your product meets its needs and be open with you should any mishaps take place. We believe that customer service is at the heart of every business, which is why we aim to deliver excellent service to all our customers.


We will always work to the best of our ability, and we hold ourselves accountable to mishaps, should any take place. In this situation, we will be open with you to continue a trustworthy and professional relationship.


Not only do we use industry-leading methods to create your products, we also go above and beyond to think of new ways that we can challenge ourselves and grow. Using resourcefulness, we aim to set higher standards for ourselves with every product we make, ensuring that our quality only ever increases.


Our loyalty is a reflection of our dedication and commitment to you. When you work with us, we are loyal to you as a customer, and we work to the best of our ability to provide you with the product you need to the highest quality.


With every project we design and manufacture, we put care and attention into every step of the journey. We want to use our expertise to benefit you, and we care about getting your product perfect to your specifications and fit for purpose.

Team spirit

Our team spirit means that we work well together. With effective communication, cooperation and collaboration, our skills all come together to deliver your expertly crafted product. We get through struggles together, celebrate wins together, and all of things brings us closer as a team.